Sunday, May 13, 2007

This Is What Photographers Do For Fun

Photographers are such nerds. :) When we decide to get together and have fun, guess what we choose to do? Group trash the dress sessions!! One of my friends, Nichanh, organized yesterday's fun. She convinced a friend and former bride, Stephanie, to be our lovely model, got the dress, did her hair, and even made her bouquet! Nichanh is multi-talented!

About ten photographers showed up in downtown San Jose, and we didnt have to go very far to find really fun locations to shoot. Even though this was a "trash the dress" session, we didn't get all that dirty, and didn't even get in any water!

But at one point, we were behind a building with a really cool staircase, and a guy came out and offered to let us use his restaurant! It was sooooo cool! So I haven't eaten here, but please check out Eulipia, which looks like a really nice & delicious restaurant in downtown San Jose, across from the California Theatre (where they do the operas).

(PS - Stephanie isn't a model...but she should be! Thanks so much for coming out, you were awesome!)

Slideshows R Fun!