Sunday, September 23, 2007

Elizabeth & Marcello Engagement Session!

I drove up to Tiburon last Sunday to meet Elizabeth and Marcello for a beautiful engagement session! (Yay! I've started engagement sessions for the 2008 season!) We viewed their church and reception location, ate a really awesome pizza, I met their cat Tattinger, and we even made Marcello put his fingers in his ears so Elizabeth could tell me about her dress!

Oh, and we took photos too! It was such a lovely afternoon, and Tiburon is an adorable community. We drove along the water front, and took pictures in a wonderful variety of locations. Since I've never been there before, it was really an adventure for me.

Elizabeth & Marcello were really great in front of the camera, and chose splendid locations. Thank you both so very much!

Here's the beautiful slideshow!

And my highlights:

Friday, September 21, 2007

Kenn And Sarai

Last Friday Kenn and Sarai exchanged vows in the beautiful Brazil building at Tilden Park. I just melted into the delicious details of this wedding! Everything was so personal and vibrant! Sarai silk screened her invitations, made her dress, decorated, did the floral arrangements....everything, and it was incredible!

The guests were asked to wear hats "because hats are festive", and Kenn and Sarai looked like they had just stepped out of an old romantic movie. I'm still stunned! I can't possibly describe how wonderful everything was... watch the slideshow!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


These were SO MUCH FUN! A little hectic, cause I've never done so many back-to-back shoots, but I loved it! I think I need to do this again...well...maybe once I've slept more. ;)

I had four incredible mini-shoots... Here's the slideshow of all my sneak peaks!

Arielle was every bit of a 4 year old little girl. She had all her own ideas for posing and locations, and pretty much ran the show (and did a great job)! She even insisted on carrying the chair everywhere, even though it was as big as she was. Too cute!!

Micah was all boy! He's three, and loves trains, horses, and making silly faces. :) I don't know much about horses or trains, but I sure love silly faces! We trotted his little horse all around the buildings and up the trees and down the sidewalk. He had so much energy! Wow!

Darcy is 9, and she's already a model, actress, and soccer star! She's got these amaaaazing blue sparkly eyes that just pop right out of no where! And shoes...check out those shoes! I want those! I think Darcy's legs are already longer than mine, so I have to say I was a little jealous. ;)

After all the kids, it was kind of fun to end the day with Stephanie, who is all grown up. :) She's embarking on a new career in voice-overs, and I'm so excited for her! Stephanie is incredible, sweet, and talented! And I know what you look like doesn't matter so much with voice-overs...but she's gorgeous!

Thanks everyone, the day went so smoothly and I had so much fun!!


So by now, I think you probably recognize awesome comedienne Sandy! We had a couple photoshoots last year...(Evidence A and Evidence B)....and since she changed her hair again, it was time for another! :) Sandy's been a client of mine since I very first picked up on this photography thing, so it's been so much fun to get to shoot with her again and again, cause I get to use new skills each time, and she's always a blast!

This time we even got to sneak into her studio where she's a DJ for Mix 106.5, and I got to see how a radio station works! Yay! Anyway, hope you love her new hair as much as I do, I think she's gorgeous!

Here's the Show....

And my fav's: