Monday, August 18, 2008

Published!! Your Wedding Day Magazine

And for my final blog of the blog marathon.....I got published!!! I spent a few minutes jumping up and down when I got my copy. :)

It's in the Fall 2008 issue of Your Wedding Day, a beautiful wedding magazine available nationally at Barnes & Noble. The three page spread features images from Eric & Kylene's wedding last year! I love the layout they did with the images...really beautiful design!

Of course, big thanks go to Natasha of Water Lily Ponds Floral Design for being the driving force behind getting the images submitted. She's an amazing floral designer, and the photographs simply wouldn't have been as stunning without her work!

So congrats to Kylene and Eric on their national article, and much thanks to Natasha of Water Lily Pond!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding: Elizabeth & Marcello!

Elizabeth and Marcello had a picture perfect wedding day in Tiburon... from the tiny hilltop chapel to the beautiful yacht club reception to the Unauthorized Rolling Stones band! The entire wedding was themed around their cat Tattinger (a cutie, who respectfully declined to attend). A prayer for animals was given at the ceremony, the invitations, cake, and favors featured tiny kitty outlines, and for favors a donation was made to PAWS ( It was a truly classy but very personal event!

What a stunning day! Take a peak at the photos below, and then view the beautiful slideshow!

Wedding: Michael & Jill!

Michael and Jill had the cutest pink & green wedding ever! The whole day was filled with laughter and hugs, and just reflected their bubbly friendly personalities perfectly! The floral work was by Erin Tait Floral Design (, who also did Matt & Ligaya's wedding), and it was stunning!

I loved the green and pink lanterns in the trees...I think the must be sick of all the photos I took of the laterns...but they were just so cute!! This was just an adorable day for a truly genuine and adorable couple. :)

Now...on to the photos....wet your taste-buds with these, and then check out the slideshow!

Blogging Blitz!!

Are you ready for it?.....Because I'm about to catch up on blogging very fast!! In an effort to get back on track, I'm just going to blog all the wonderful events and news I have to share...right now!

In other news, today has been my first headache free day in over two weeks, and I am ecstatic! I had a small run-in with a door...and the door won. :) I've had a mild concussion with some really splitting headaches for the last couple weeks...and the doctors response was "Yep, you hit your head, that's what happens. We have no idea when it will stop hurting." (Ok, I'm paraphrasing.) I think we're finally getting back to normal now.

Anyway, sorry for any delays that you noticed in the past two weeks, but I spent all weekend getting caught up. Guess what's the last thing on my to-do list?

Exactly....blogging. :)

And for fun, here's a photo from my best friend TJ's bridal shower a few weeks ago. It was a co-ed (aka, Jack-n-Jill) shower, and for the traditional "dress made of toilet paper" game we made it guys verses girls. The girls dressed the bride and the guys dressed the groom! Paul is going to kill me for putting up this photo....but it's too funny! You can't see it in the photo...but he had 3 toilet paper rolls in his shirt. Three!