Saturday, May 19, 2007

Schuyler's Wilderness Adventure!

Schuyler and I have been friends for a few years now; we work at the same company, took the same leadership class together, and have had a lot of conversations about our respective passions...mine of course being photography...and his being his long pursuit of rockstar-dom!!

On a sad note, Schuyler will be taking off to the east coast soon to pursue a career opportunity there, so we decided we needed to take the time we had left to do the promo shots we keep talking about. Couldn't be better timing, as we shot on Friday...and then on Saturday he went into the studio to begin recording his first single! So the shots will come in handy for the forthcoming album. ;)

Good luck with everything Schuyler...thanks for hanging out on Friday!

(this slideshow is a big one...)

PS - I have now fixed the errors in the paragraphs above. My computer keeps trying to help me with my "creative" spontaneously putting portions ofwhat I type in totally random spots. Not sure why, but I normally catch it. Now the paragraph should read better!