Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kylene and Eric Enagement Shoot!

Yesterday I took a trip up to San Francisco for Eric & Kylene's engagement shoot! I'm excited because this was my first engagement shoot of the year, and we're off to an awesome start!

The day started off sprinkling a bit (a great excuse for a cute umbrella!), but the rain cleared very quickly. Poor Kylene, I knew she'd be a bit cold when I asked Eric to spin her a half turn, but I didn't know Eric would spin her like a Disney-World ride! Kylene, I promise not to reqest any pictures on the wedding day which would require you to be airborn. :)

Kylene & Eric have such vibrant personalities, I just can't wait for 5/20/2007!

See all the fun in the slideshow!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm a Domain Name Addict

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am terribly addicted to purchasing domain names. I mean seriously. I now have 19 (most of which are pointed to This count includes three special new ones I purchased this morning.

(These were purchased in good fun, I promise I don't have a big head, and I'm constantly working to improve my skills and technique....)

I've been laughing all morning. ;) Mom and Dad, thanks for saying I was always the best. Now I have the domain names to prove it.

Clients, if you feel the need to prove to someone you hired the best, just point them to these domain names. (Please put a smiley face in your email, so that they understand it's just for fun too. I fully recognize and am in awe of the talent of the great Ansel Adams & Yervants of the world!)

So what fun domain names do each of you have?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Erika's Headshots!

I love a double-header weekend! Sunday I got to go out in downtown Mountain View with gorgeous singer Erika! She has really awesome eyes, just like the beautiful tiger-eye stone.

One fun place we found was in an alley behind Castro street (future clients beware! i looooove alleys!). It's not every day you find random cool chairs just sitting around outside. Erika, of course, is a trooper for actually sitting on random outdoor chairs. ;-)

Here's the awesome slideshow!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gary's Headshots

Gary is yet another awesome comedian I've had the pleasure to shoot lately! Today we took a little trip in and around Japantown in downtown San Jose to take a walk and take some headshots!

Ok ladies, Gary is married, but I won't tell anyone if you take a look at his slideshow! :)

The orange background is from a tracker/machinery/thingy we found. Of course, I can't resist climbing up on top of anything to get the right picture...but this time I got axel grease all over my pants and CAMERA!! Big thanks to Gary for helping me get the grease off my camera. I don't know if my face showed it, but I was terrified for a couple mintues. All cleaned out and good now!

Thanks Gary!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Website, New Year!


Well, it's 5am here on the west coast and I've been up all night getting ready for by birthday, which is, I suppose TODAY since it's already 5am. :)

My bestest birthday present to myself (I often get things for myself, I'm spoiled like that) is my brand new website! Big thanks to Tim of Flashmation Studios for creating it for me! Now as this is the first launch of this new site, please please let me know if you have any issues or questions! I'll probably be making some tweaks here and there in the next couple of weeks.

I'm so excited to present to you:

(please note that you must have a recent version of flash installed to view the new website.)

Goodnight! (or Good morning for many of you)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jillian's Been MIA!

So sorry for being missing-in-action when it comes to my photo-journal lately! A lot has been going on that I'm really excited about!

First of all, as one of their "presents" to me this year I requested that my mom&dad, brother&sister-in-law, and sister&brother-in-law let me take them out for couples sessions! Now for some families, it might seem weird for your sister to continually ask you to kiss your spouse while she takes pictures....but well, who said our family wasn't weird? (In a great way, of course!)

First I took out my brother Paul and his wife Michelle:

Paul and Michelle are really funny & cute because they basically just act like high-school sweeties all the time! They watch sports and play video games and tease each other and tackle each other and play with their little dog, Buddy! Don't get me wrong, they are both college grads (Aggies!!), and very responsible adults...but he's still my little brother. :) Here, Paul has decided to spontaneously attack Michelle!:

My next victim was my little sister Katie and her husband Thomas:

Katie and Thomas are cute too, but a little less rowdy. They're both really quirky and creative, and are constantly throwing cute themed dinner parties (Thomas was planning a Zelda party when I was there!) and Katie has really become quite a cook of international cuisine (yummmy). Katie got a brand new shiny red bike from Thomas for Christmas, and she was just tickled pink about it. :)

Finally I got my mom and dad out on the town for a photo-session!:

My siblings and I are so incredibly blessed to have gotten our model of love from our parents. :) They were never shy about how much they loved God, their kids, or each other. One of the reasons I've been able to really pursue any of my dreams (like moving to California, or starting photography) is that I have no fear because, no matter what, I am loved without reason or end. I know that Katie & Thomas and Paul & Michelle (and one day me too) will have awesome relationships because of the model of love that we learned. Thanks Mom & Dad!

In other news....I'm hoping to launch my new website on January 13th!! That just so happens to be this Saturday. It'll be my birthday gift to myself. :) Happy birthday me! I've got a little work to do before it's ready though, wish me luck!