Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nicole & Curtis

Nicole was one of my best friends in college. She and I used to spend hours and hours talking, decoupaging, making t-shirts, laughing, designing mischief, carrying-out said designed mischief....and of course, chatting about cute guys.

Shortly after I moved away (*sniff sniff*) she started dating Curtis. :) I actually screamed out loud when I got the message that they were engaged!! When she asked if I would photograph her wedding, how could I refuse?!

Everything was beautiful, and Nicki put her personal decorating touch into everything! It was also very much a family affair: her grandmother helped put the final touches on her wedding gown, her mother and sisters baked and put together the beautiful bouquets, both families helped decorate, and her grandfather was their minister.

I stayed with Nicole the night before, and had to fight the urge to start taking pictures then (you know, here's the bride sleeping) but I managed to wait until the next morning. We woke up to the sound of my phone alarm...set to "large herd of sheep." It was so awesome just to get to hang out again, and it's funny how with some friends it never seems like time has passed. ;)

Not long after we got to the salon, Curtis sent Nicole a text message: "We're going to the chapel and we're...." It was so cute. I just nearly lost it right then. But I held it together through most of the day. We had a gorgeous day for photos, and I'm so glad they were up to my suggest to just hope in the truck (Curtis loves his truck) and go down the dirt road for photographs. I loooove the romantic way they turned out. When we started doing the portraits (after the ceremony), Curtis kissed Nicole and said sweetly "You're mine forever now." I nearly lost it again....

Anyway, I guess I could write a novel, but I'll go on to the photos. Nicki & Curtis, I just love you both to death, and I'm so happy for you!!

******Here's the beautiful slideshow!********

And some image overload: