Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Technical Difficulties!

Last night I was hoping to get a lot of work done, but when I came home I found my laptop in a bad state! Blue screen of death!! I had a panic session for 10 minutes, called a couple of people who didn't know what to do, called a couple of data recovery companies who needed 5 days and $3K to get the data....yikes!

I finally calmed down enough to realize that all was not lost. Especially my client's photos! All of those are triple backed-up, and I don't keep them on the laptop anyway. The software can all be installed again. My business notes and spreadsheets are backed up (though maybe not fully up to date). The only big hole was email! I've had a lot of new emails & received several new contacts since the email was last backed up, and I didn't want to have to find everyone's address and beg for you to resend!

Luckily I received my brand new, super fast, custom built desktop about 4 days ago. It wasn't fully set up yet, and is missing a wireless card & a sound card (oops!), but I wasn't stopped dead! I was able to get on the internet and look up the solution....using an adapter to transfer files from my laptop hardrive to my new computer via USB.

So the day is saved...and I did it all by myself! Unfortunately, I lost a day of work, but I'll catch up tonight. :) If you sent an email that I haven't responded to....or think I should have sent you an email by now, please speak up! Email or call me to confirm that the email wasn't lost.

We'll be back to normal very soon, and I'm really glad for that. :)