Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Smished Up - The Aftermath...

So I blogged on Saturday about how I smished up my car. It's really not bad, I've been driving it around. Tomorrow I take it into the shop to start repairs, so I thought I'd take some photos. But it was already dark outside.

Could I just be like any normal person and put my point & shoot in flash mode? Of course not! I'm too much of a dork for that! I pulled out the Zack Arias method and used a flash, a light stand, a bounce umbrella, two pocket wizards, and my best camera equipment.

Yes, I had two people stop on the sidewalk to watch me, and several cars drove by very slowly. I'm sure they were like "how can you shoot a hot model on the hood of a car...if there's no hot model? we are waiting for a hot model!"

It took about 10 minutes shooting plus 10 minutes processing (including the time it took to decide on a new license plate)...and that's probably waaaay too long. :)

So, here's my smished up car, prior to taking her into the shop. (Sorry honey! No more figgies while driving you!)

It's been kind of a long stressful week, so this was the kind of humor I needed. :)