Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Balmy Alley-Cats

Sunday afternoon I drove up to San Francisco to meet Kenn & Sarai for their engagement session! They chose Balmy Alley, a famous alley in the Mission district known for it's vivid murals on almost every garage and fence (or other paintable surface). I love color and funk, so Balmy is my cup of tea.

I did run into one problem. About half way through I realized I'd said the word "awesome" about 6 million times, and could not stop. I was stuck. I tried to fight it....but failed. Sarai and Kenn must have thought I was a little nuts. (I am, but that's hardly why.) So I guess I just have to say this was an overall "awesome" engagement shoot!

Here is the awesome slideshow, and below are a few of my awesome favorites!

(This one is not their fault...they indulged me in a little "Where the Wild Things Are" humor!)