Sunday, June 17, 2007

Andrew and Bianca Married!

I had such a wonderful time yesterday with Andrew and Bianca! Their wedding was so...Andrew & Bianca. It's hard to describe, but it really was intimate, personal, and just naturally beautiful.

The wedding was in a tiny cozy old church in Sunol, and it was just such a quaint romantic spot! The reception was held at Ardenwood Farms, and as soon as you walked around the path, through the archway, and into a clearing in the knew you were someplace magical!

The beautiful slideshow is set to a song that one of their friends sang during the ceremony. (Andrew and Bianca's friends have incredible talent, the music throughout the ceremony was inspiring!)

Beautiful Boquet:

Awesome bridesmaids:

Right after the ceremony, they rung the church bell 7 times for good luck!

And then snuck off for a second...

Isn't she stunning?!

We tried to do a few more formal portraits with no smiles, but we couldn't because Bianca literally could NOT stop smiling!

Pretty cake! (Incredibly delicious, too!)

How cute are they?!

Just like Fred and Ginger...

I love how elegant she looked when she tossed her bouquet, and how the light caught the flower petals falling down like a shower of stars...

They exited in a sea of bubbles!