Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm just going to put this little announcement here, since most of my friends and family read my blog, and to let everyone from the wedding know that it's all okay!

Yesterday on the way from a ceremony to a reception....I was trying to get open a box of fig newtons and read directions, and *crunch*....I rear ended the pick-up truck in front of me. I felt sooo bad! Luckily no one appeared to be hurt (it was a rather slow speed accident), and the truck didn't appear to sustain damage.

My car's hood is smished up, and the front part of the body seems to be a bit cracked...but it works! The car seems to run just fine, no one is hurt, and I made it to the reception on time. Seriously, the first thing that occurred to me when I hit the truck was "oh, no, now I'm going to be late to the reception." This was followed very shortly with "oh dear, I hope no one was hurt!"

One of the bridesmaids spotted me on the side of the road and very sweetly pulled over to make sure I was okay. I think she was more worried than I was! Of course, the word got around, and all the moms were so sweet to ask me if I was ok, and if I needed anything. I just kept telling them, "It's okay, no one was hurt, and it's just a car." And I mean's just a car. Being at the reception was far more important to me than worrying about a silly vehicle.

I danced my cares away & had a great time at the reception! The only aches and pains I have today are those I can directly relate to carrying equipment (and I have those every week), so everything is fine. I am now driving very carefully. Very very.

Thanks so much to everyone at the wedding for looking out for me, it was so sweet of you! I'll have your sneak-peak slide-show out very soon!