Friday, April 06, 2007

Charming Parisian Apartment

Hello! No, I didn't disappear in Vegas, I'm alive and well! Sorry I haven't written in two weeks, life has been super super craaaaaazy! I had such an amazing time in Las Vegas, I met a million people (feels like it anyway), attended some great classes, picked up some new photography skills and tips, and relaxed a little bit too! I had really great food, spent a lot of time in a fun piano bar, and spent a lot of money on a new pair of shoes which I LOVE. What I didn't do a lot of! Goodness, I couldn't believe it when I got home, but I had been so busy with everything else, I hadn't stopped to smell (I mean photograph) the roses! What I did take, I haven't edited yet, but I'll post a few when I get them done.

One thing I've been super busy with is putting the final touches on the photographs of the LOVELY apartment we stayed at in Paris! I'm so excited to show you this slideshow. The apartment was so....Parisian!! It had all the old world charm and antiques and coziness that you could possibly want. Since we stayed in an actual apartment (instead of a hotel), Paris just felt so much more like home. It was absolutely wonderful!

Now I can't take credit for all of these photos. The other photographers who traveled with me were INCREDIBLE, and they got really amazing shots of the apartment as well. So I've just mixed them all together, and I want you all to be amazed at the work of my friends:

Tim Co & Ashley

(I'm sure Lori: has awesome photos too, but due to circumstances totally out of her control we haven't gotten around to exchanging them yet. Lori, get to feeling better!!)

Here's the beautiful slideshow,
set to fun Parisian style music ;)

This clawed-foot bathtub upstairs is huge! I stressed out a bit one day, luckily a hot soak in this beautiful tub completely relaxed me!

I've always loved old faucets.

They've done such a wonderful job of filling the apartment with beautiful antiques, you really feel like you've gone back in time!

It's so neat to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel, especially since you have all the comforts of home! This is a very nice stove, I even was inspired to make eggs one day! Of course, I then realized I can't cook, and would rather enjoy the tastes of Paris. :)

As a photographer, this front window was simply incredible. With the shades pulled back, it let through the most beautiful light! The enormous antique mirror panels that cover the wall above the day bed spread the light through the living room and kitchen.