Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Steve & Chrissie Get Married!

This weekend I had the emmense pleasure of shooting two events, the first of which was my first wedding of the year! Steve and Chrissie were married in Newark, CA in front of a close group of family and friends. Chrissie's daughter was the fun dj of the evening and the whole crowd danced and laughed till the place shut down. ;)

Check out the fun slideshow!

Chrissie, the beautiful bride!

What a sweet couple!

Sometimes I fall in love with the strangest photos....and for some reason I like the fairy lights in this blurry abstract one. :)

It's easy to cross a street when you've got a bride to stop traffic!

I love a pretty bouquet!

Soooooo many delicious cakes!! What's a girl to do! (Eat one of course!)

If there are any grooms-to-be reading this blog, remember this: girls (at least me) think it is sooooo sweet when a groom reaches out to hold the bride's hand during an emotional part of a ceremony (bonus points if he kisses her on the forehead):

Dancing like they were the only two people in the world...