Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's a Blog Life!

So, I am going to try to blog more, so that you not only get a sneak peak at the fun photography work I've been doing but also a little bit about my fabulous life! Of course, a big part of my life right now is reading blogs. :) I love blogs! I am watching 55 blogs using bloglines, a free service that updates you whenever a new entry is added to someone's blog. You just go to one website, and view all the latest news on blogs to which you have subscribed! Most of the blogs I watch are from my fellow photograhers, but several are wedding planning blogs.

Why wedding planning blogs? Nooooooo, your's truly isn't planning her own (haha!). I just love being able to peak inside the world of my brides. I want to know all the questions you're asking and the decisions you're making. I want to know trends and tips and really share in the excitement!

So it occurred to me that many of you might not know all this helpful information is out there! Allow me to get you started.

1. Go to http://bloglines.com & set up an account. (free!)
2. Add my blog:
- Go to "Feeds" and then "Add"
- Enter: http:jilliankayphotography.blogspot.com
- Voila!
(Now any time I have a new entry, you'll see it in your bloglines account!)

3. Next, add these FABULOUS blogs:
- From I-Will to I-Do:
(fun stuff, practical advice)
- Offbeat Bride
(very different but not for the faint of heart!)
- Something Old, Something New
(Wonderful Ideas!!)
- Style Me Pretty
- Wedding Bee!
(follow a dozen or so bride-to-be stories & help them along the way!)

If you have a blog, let me know, I'd love to add you to my Bloglines list! I'd also love to hear what wedding blogs you can't live without!