Sunday, March 11, 2007

All about Friday and Saturday!

So yesterday was supposed to be my day to shoot the apartment. I got up and bought flowers and fruit, but yesterday just wasn't set out to be my day. Aside from falling a couple of times and eating a bit of salmon that just didn't agree with me....I dropped a lens! Ouch! Well, we can replace it at home, but still not fun. So I decided not to finish the shooting in a bad mood.

After a little while I found my friends and things took a wonderful turn! We wandered around the city until we found a cute little place to eat dinner. (And the waiter was cute too!) We had a great bottle of merlot (and I don't normally like merlot), and AMAZING dessert. I had an upside down apple tart that was simply splendid!

The other 3 (who had walked all around during the day, and were quite tired) were ready to head back to the apartment, so we did. I of course had been in the apartment all day long, so I was ready to go out! I talked Tim into heading three doors down to a little hole-in-the-wall pub called "The Beaver". WOW!! I had so much fun.

The Beaver had live music, a really nice cool guy named Francais (sp?) , and quite a few fun people. I nearly melted into my chair when he sung Anna Begins by Counting of my favorite songs of all time!! I was amazed, and he was really really good. We closed the place down, and had a great time talking to our new friends Francais, Elan, and Amy. :) That's my ideal way to experience a city, just to sit down in a local place, meet people from the city, and hear the music. As odd as it sounds, I think that will be my favorite part of the trip!

Well, since we stayed up so late, we kind of woke up late. Everyone pulled together and helped me finish shooting the apartmentquickly, which I really appreciated because as much as I love the apartment....Paris is right outside! Then we took the metro over to a wonderful little restaurant where I just the best meal of goat cheese, roast peppers, and sundried tomatoes on toast. MMMMM. Then we hopped on a tour bus and enjoyed the open air tour of the city.

We're now back at the internet cafe, hoping to make our way to dinner soon. I'm sure I'll check in with you later!