Monday, March 19, 2007

25 To Watch

So I've got a lot of photography friends. I mean a LOT. Hundreds, from all over the country & world. We hang out in a forum and sometimes chat, and I really truly would not be the photographer I am today (or any photographer at all) without the support of this community. I love them!!

We're doing a fun blog link exchange right now, so I thought I'd share the blogs of some really incredible photographers. Enjoy!

Anne Ruthmann
Holritz Photography
Captivating Studios
Picture Infinity Studios
Jillian Kay
KMB Foto
Julie Walton Shaver
Jennifer Images
Lifespring Photography
Photo Forward
Lucky Red Hen
Frank Dimeo
Schaefer Photography
CU Photography
Blue Mountain Photo
Candy's Photography
April Rocha
Stevie's Cam
Polis Photography
Kari Douma
Kendall Price
Garrett Nudd Photography
Nataly Lemus
Jennifer Grigg