Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wedding Budgets!

So now that I'm done with school, one thing I hope add to my weekly routine is more posting in my blog! I read 265 blogs a day (yes, each day, through my Bloglines feeder), and I come across a million ideas, tons of articles, and really great advice.

Of course, I'm not a bride, so they aren't helping me (though I do get excited about it as if I were a bride). I'd love to pass some of the information along to you! Here's the first installment.

Today I found a link to Ramit Sethi's financial blog "I Will Teach You To Be Rich". This is not a wedding based blog, and this was my first time to visit, so it was quite a coincidence that the latest post was about wedding financials!

Why Are We All Hypocrites About Weddings?

The article is about saving, budgeting, prioritizing, etc. I love that, even as a financial expert, he doesn't condemn spending your money on your wedding, but he does firmly advocate really planning and sticking to your plan, so that it doesn't become a financial hardship.

I'm adding Ramit to by blogroll (so make that 266 daily blogs), and looking forward to more great advice!

I'll have images and a slideshow up from Nate & Kristi's wedding very soon! Stay tuned...