Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nate & Kristi Married!

Up a tiny little winding road near Santa Cruz, through twisty little turns lined with redwoods, there is a beautiful B&B named "Redwood Croft", where Nate and Kristi were married this past Saturday. What a beautiful location!!

Kristi was an absolutely stunning bride, and Nate was of course his incredibly entertaining self. I had so much fun just watching them interact! The wedding was beautiful and simple with a country elegance. Kristi wore this amazing necklace that was a gift from her Grandfather to her Grandmother ....on their high school prom night!

A friend performed the ceremony and it was wonderfully touching, I think he got more choked up than anyone. Kristi's brother was her "Man of Honor", and he was just too sweet! He didn't wear a dress (evidently it was discussed), but stood by the ladies with pride. :) The entire party was just filled with genuinely nice wonderful people, which makes my job so incredible. Thank you everyone!

A sweet slideshow!

And my favorites of the day: