Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's going on?!

Many of you may have realized by now it's taking just a tad longer to answer email and get things in the mail than normal. :) Please accept my sincerest apologies! Nothing big is going on, it's just all the little things that add up...

1. Tuesday I graduated from my company's leadership development program! It is a 3 year program, which involves 3 leadership conferences, community service, technical curriculum, rotational assignments, etc. For graduation we had a luncheon (that lasted 3 hours!) now I'm a little behind at work. (I think that's borderline irony.)

2. At work, we have a demonstration coming up soon, and our team keeps shrinking which means that I'm doing more and more work...I've been working a bit later than normal to keep up, but I think we're going to make it!

3. My master's degree will be done in less than 20 days! Wow! I'm so excited. I won't be going to graduation. I think that's part of my celebration....having the choice NOT to go to campus! LOL. Unfortunately that also means it's crunch time, and I'm frantically putting together my final individual presentation in addition to finishing up the team activities for my outsourcing class. (I'm team lead right now, so I can't slack off.)

4. Wedding season just peaked!! Most of my weddings this year were from late May through early those are all shot now. (*sigh*, it was so much fun, I'm a little sad the rush is over!) Now the real work begins, as I definitely put more time in after each wedding to get the images edited & album created. So I've got a lot of editing to do! I'll also be working with couples on their albums, sending out DVDs, and even booking couples for 2008!

On top of all of that, I had a little stomach bug (or something) over the weekend so I lost a little bit of time while lying on the floor moaning. :) I'm all better now, though. I've been coping by keeping my instant messenger off, making copious to-do lists, adjusting my sleep schedule, avoiding the social scene, and taking a walk when I can to help keep me relaxed and focused. :)

So, it's a very exciting time for me right now with so very many of my dreams coming to fruition. Please accept my sincerest apologies for any delay, and know that my clients are still my very top priority. Tonight is "dvd night"...and I'll be making as many as I can to put in the mail tomorrow morning. I might even watch a dvd while I do it. :)

Off to class now! :)