Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tim & Michelle, E-Session

Sunday night I hopped in the car with Tim and Michelle and we went on a little photo-adventure! We headed to a pumpkin patch, a park, a cool spot in downtown Mountain View, and a super fun playground with a swingset. I normally stick to the downtown scene cause I'm really an urban-girl....but I LOVE stretching myself to do something different.

Michelle has such an incredible smile! Of course, it helps that she has such a great guy to smile about. ;) Tim is currently working with me to design a brand new...super awesome...Jillian Kay Photography website. I am soooo excited!

In fact, I almost didn't quite know whether to be more excited about the new website, or Tim & Michelle's wedding next month. After chatting about the details in the car...I'm definitely more excited about the wedding. :)

Here's the fun fun slideshow!