Monday, September 11, 2006

Mr & Mrs Kendall!!

Sunday afternoon Bridgit and Chris took the big plunge! I was so excited to get to know both of them along with their friends and family. This was one fun group! But you can find that out for yourself with the slideshow!!

The church had a great big sanctuary with tall windows along the aisles. At the very front of the church was a huge, beautifully lit cross, which shown more brightly and clearly than anything else. During the special music in the ceremony I could just barely make out Bridgit mouthing the words "stop that!" and trying not to giggle....turns out Chris was dancing for his bride. :)

At the reception, they had an adorable orange & white cake with a bow and beadings around the edge...but each table had it's very own super cute cake with an edible bow on top! Each one had a unique flavor and style...what a cool table center-piece! Our table had carrot cake with cream cheese icing and a yellow bow...sooooooo delicious.