Monday, October 22, 2007

Sarai & Kenn Getting Kudos!

I follow a blog (one of like 240 right now...but I'm trying to cut down I promise!) called "Offbeat Bride" ( that's all about being different and having your own radical style on your wedding day! It's pretty awesome.

I thought the lack of sleep after my wedding yesterday was starting to get to me, when I saw a post about Kenn & Sarai! It had a link to another blog "Brooklyn Brides" (which just became #241 in my bloglines feeder)

Check it out here:

Basically they posted to give Sarai and Kenn major kudos for all the personal hand-crafted touches on their wedding day! (Ie, hand silk-screened invitations, handmade wedding gown, table runners, table numbers, floral arrangments, gorgeous bird cage veil, etc etc etc) I know I've mentioned it all before...but seriously, I am still in awe too!

Part of what I love about these blogs is that they exist purely to help inspire and inform other brides. Really, if you're a bride and you're not reading blogs you are missing out on such wonderful information! Be inspired, heed cautions, take time saving tips, and just share your experience! If you start a blog, please let me know...I'd love to make you #242...#243....#251...:)