Friday, October 26, 2007

Eco - Friendly Wedding Tips!

As the wedding season winds down entirely, and I become more occupied with the holidays, I'll have fewer and fewer lovely photos to show you! So I want to start introducing you to some of the thousands and thousands of awesome ideas I encounter through the blogs and websites I follow. I thought this was a perfect one to start with.

Preston Bailey
,whose event designs are incredibly lush and glamorous, has recently started his own blog: ! This is so very exciting for me. :)

He recently posted tips on how to have an ecco-friendly wedding, my favorites are:

- Have your ceremony and reception at the same site so your guests do not have to drive from place to place.
- Choose a botanical garden or greenhouse as your venue. Not only are you surrounded by lush natural beauty, but the site fee goes to support the garden.
- By serving local wines, you incorporate your setting, and also cut down on carbon costs.
- Most food banks do not except perishable food, but organizations like Second Harvest ( will collect the food from the reception and use it to feed the hungry.

Check out all his wonderful tips here:

Thanks Preston!