Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Matt & Ligaya Wed!

When I first met with Ligaya to discuss her wedding, we sat down at a booth in Green's Restaurant where the reception would be held. She asked cautiously about having the bride & groom meet before the wedding, and I don't quite remember what I said, but it made her cry.

On Sunday, Ligaya made me cry when the "first meting" actually happened. It's hard to keep photographing when you're all choked up! It was just the most powerful moment, I was totally in awe of how awesome it was.

I have so many photos to share, please enjoy the slideshow!

The girls had Ligaya put tissue paper over her head so she wouldn't get makeup on the dress...

....once the tissue paper was off, she was really stunning:

Matt had Erin (the florist, make a "bouquet" of roses made out of spinach, prosciutto, and cheese as part of an inside joke...and he brought them to her for the first meeting. I think the funniest part is that in the photos, they look really pretty! Almost like they aren't made of meat! :)

The first meeting:

A few portraits:

A quick one from the ceremony:

Ligaya is also a florist (, so I knew that all the floral arrangements would be amazing! These are by her florist, Erin Tait (

Matt & Ligaya planned for their reception to start at sunset, so that their guests could view this gorgeous sunset over the bay:

They didn't plan on having a first dance....but when they started dancing no one could stop watching them long enough to join:

I heard everyone laugh, but didn't know why until I scanned the photos in my camera...if you look closely, you can see him eating her nose. :)

Thank you for a gorgeous evening!! Can't wait for you to see these when you get back from your honeymoon!