Saturday, September 15, 2007


These were SO MUCH FUN! A little hectic, cause I've never done so many back-to-back shoots, but I loved it! I think I need to do this again...well...maybe once I've slept more. ;)

I had four incredible mini-shoots... Here's the slideshow of all my sneak peaks!

Arielle was every bit of a 4 year old little girl. She had all her own ideas for posing and locations, and pretty much ran the show (and did a great job)! She even insisted on carrying the chair everywhere, even though it was as big as she was. Too cute!!

Micah was all boy! He's three, and loves trains, horses, and making silly faces. :) I don't know much about horses or trains, but I sure love silly faces! We trotted his little horse all around the buildings and up the trees and down the sidewalk. He had so much energy! Wow!

Darcy is 9, and she's already a model, actress, and soccer star! She's got these amaaaazing blue sparkly eyes that just pop right out of no where! And shoes...check out those shoes! I want those! I think Darcy's legs are already longer than mine, so I have to say I was a little jealous. ;)

After all the kids, it was kind of fun to end the day with Stephanie, who is all grown up. :) She's embarking on a new career in voice-overs, and I'm so excited for her! Stephanie is incredible, sweet, and talented! And I know what you look like doesn't matter so much with voice-overs...but she's gorgeous!

Thanks everyone, the day went so smoothly and I had so much fun!!