Sunday, September 23, 2007

Elizabeth & Marcello Engagement Session!

I drove up to Tiburon last Sunday to meet Elizabeth and Marcello for a beautiful engagement session! (Yay! I've started engagement sessions for the 2008 season!) We viewed their church and reception location, ate a really awesome pizza, I met their cat Tattinger, and we even made Marcello put his fingers in his ears so Elizabeth could tell me about her dress!

Oh, and we took photos too! It was such a lovely afternoon, and Tiburon is an adorable community. We drove along the water front, and took pictures in a wonderful variety of locations. Since I've never been there before, it was really an adventure for me.

Elizabeth & Marcello were really great in front of the camera, and chose splendid locations. Thank you both so very much!

Here's the beautiful slideshow!

And my highlights: