Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jeff & Josh

Last Saturday I had an incredible marathon of portrait shoots, and I had so much fun! Instead of ten mini-shoots, I ended up with 2 full sessions and 4 mini sessions (which adds up to about the same amount of time). So I'll blog about each of the full sessions and then do a blog about the mini sessions. Be prepared! It's a flood of awesome images!!

First off! Jeff Applebaum is a very funny man! So funny, he's even a comedian. :) Throughout the whole shoot he did impersonations and voices and just really pulled out all the stops! His son, Josh, also joins his act sometimes, so he joined the photo shoot too. Josh is awesome. He only did one impersonation though....of his dad! Ha!

Thanks guys for such a fun morning! You got the day off to a great start!

Here's the slideshow:

And my favs: