Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leslie on Bourbon Street

So one of the really fun activities of the New Orleans trip was a funky night bridal shoot! We split into groups, and I was delighted to be in the group with Leslie as our model! Leslie's not a real model....she could be...but she's actually in law school. She was married a couple years back, and donned the dress for us for some really fun images!

She was such a great sport, I know it's not easy when there is a full set of paparazzi following you around! A bleach-blonde wearing a pink barbie dress and a "Miss Planet Beach" sash walked by, and I overheard one of her friends say "They should photograph you!". But no one even turned around! We were much too glued to Leslie! Part way through the session, a fire truck came (not for fire, for a medical emergency) and for about 90 seconds we had Leslie stand in front of it. :) Then we got out of the way!

This was a great learning experience for me and I think I'm going to ask for some fun lighting for Christmas. :) (Even though most were just taken with available light, there were a couple where a small video light took the image in a whole new direction!)

Super Fun Slideshow!

My fav's: