Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gregg & Suzi's Sunset Wedding!

This post is loooooong overdue! Don't worry, I didn't make Suzi & Gregg (or their guests) wait this long, I just hadn't gotten around to putting it down in the blog for the rest of the world...but it's worth the wait!

I arrived at the Mark Hopkin's hotel just a wee bit early and ended up having some time with Suzi before her make-up artists arrived. It was so much fun! I love when I get to have that kind of one-on-one time, and I really believe that I connected with Gregg and Suzi better throughout the day because of it! Photography is really an emotional art and connecting is so important. Not to mention it was just fun to hang out...I love my job!

Schedules don't always go as planned but this one seemed to have a mind of it's own...a mind that said "please let the ceremony happen in front of the most gorgeous sunset ever!!" So while we were running a little late it couldn't have been more perfect timing! Cliff House is a beautiful , intimate venue overlooking the bay and the views from the terrace are just stunning.

At the moment when the winding introduction of "Bittersweet Symphony" reached it's peak and the opening verse was sung, Suzi stepped through the curtain and into the ceremony and I just caught my breath, almost forgetting where I was. Luckily, I kept photographing. :)

Well...I suppose I ought to let the pictures describe how stunning it was.

View the beautiful SLIDESHOW.

And see my favorites: