Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jaime Soria

Oh goodness, well it's nearly 4am here, and I *do* have to get up for work soon, lol. But I just couldn't wait to get Jaime's photos finished before the holidays!

Saturday afternoon Jaime braved the bitter cold weather in San Jose for an awesome photoshoot! Warning to all you who haven't had a session with me before....we just take a walk, and we stop wheverever we want to shoot. So that could be 10 minutes away, or more likely, every 10 steps! But she's a trooper and didn't make a peep about having to take her coat off every 2 minutes. :)

Jaime Soria is a gorgeous actress (http://jaimesoria.com, check back soon for the updated site) and was a blast to shoot with! Check out the slideshow, you know you can't fight it!

Here are a few selected favorites: