Monday, November 13, 2006

Trash That Dress!

Bridesmaids at least have a little hope of reusing the dress...but brides, be honest...most of you won't be sporting your wedding dress at the next holiday party. So what do you do with it? Most people choose to have it dry cleaned, and then stick it in the back of their closet for the next 20 years, until one day they realize the moths or mold have ruined it. Or it just won't fit anymore. :) Sure, it's sentimental...but it's entirely out of sight.

So why not use it while you can? That's exactly what Lisa wanted to do with her dress, so she donned it one more time and we headed out to the Mission district and the Palace of Fine Arts to get some extraordinary (and extraordinarily sexy) photos to remember the dress by! It's not called a "Trash the Dress" session for nothing...she sat in alleys, leaned on walls, and finally even waded into the pond in front of the palace. This isn't for the faint of heart!

The slideshow is so much fun!