Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Caroline & Andrew Engagement Pre-Sneak Peak!

Hello everyone! I'm doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work lately. That's what we wedding photographers do in the off season...we start messing with the system. :) We think about what worked great and what could have worked better. We analyze what we could do to make our clients' lives easier. :) I've been doing a lot of that, and I'll have a post on upcoming changes sometime this month I hope!

But the first change I want to introduce is the "pre-sneak peak"! In order to continue to create the highest quality images and present the bes-of-the-best in the slideshow, I've decided to make the slideshow once the images are all done editing. :) But I don't want anyone to wait long! So I'll be releasing a "pre-sneak peak", which will be a handful of images with minor edits. (Some images come out of the camera ready for the world, others I shoot with an artistic purpose in mind, and they take a little more time.) Of course, the exact form the final images will take may be different, but this will hold you over till it's all ready!

Caroline & Andrew!

Saturday afternoon I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Andrew and Caroline in the city (San Francisco for the non-locals) and we had a blast just wandering the neighborhoods around Grace Cathedral! I swear, it doesn't really matter where you go in San Francisco, it's all just amazing. :) Thanks so much Caroline & Andrew, and I can't wait to get your slideshow up! (I already know what song I want to use, and I keep humming it!)